Market leading, bespoke, full colour shadow board systems to enhance your workplace

‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ – that’s the promise behind our fully customisable, durable and easy to clean Fibreclean Shadow Boards.

Industry-leading Fibreclean Shadow Boards

A tailored hygiene solution

Fibreclean Shadow Boards are completely customisable. The size and orientation of the board, the colours of the background and shadows, your logo and messaging, the utensils and tools you hang on them, and even where on the board they hang, is completely up to you. We’re happy to work with your engineers for special requests to make a shadow board that’s perfect for your requirements.

Plus because they’re made from a board with zero moisture absorption, then coated in an anti-scuff laminate, Fibreclean Shadow Boards are extremely durable and easy to clean.

Why choose Fibreclean Shadow Boards

Be more compliant

Are your auditors complaining that your tools are touching the wall?

Auditors are more regularly looking for cleaning tools to be visual and for everything to be in the right place.

Organisational excellenace

Ever wonder if the food contact brush sometimes end up on the floor?

Supporting initiatives such as: contamination control, 5S, lean manufacturing, continuous improvement.

Promote policies & safety instructions

Do you feel like you’re constantly repeating yourself?

Display your brand message and company policies in a highly visible way – to staff, auditors and customers.

Reduce costs and downtime

Sick of trying to find the tools you need to do your job?

Correct storage will reduce the risk of a foreign-matter incident and the cost of replacing missing/damaged tools.

Imagine your board

All of our boards come with Standard Laminate and can all be mounted with Stand-Off mounts, Hinges or be direct fixed to your wall.

Please note on the list of Boards below, WB= available in White Board Laminate, and T= Trolley option available.

Use the icon of the person at the bottom right of the image to see the scale of each board (based on the average male height of 176cm).

Board A

Production sign board or storing a single item?


Board D

Often used for recording production figures against targets in manufacturing sites.



Board G

One of our most popular storage boards for cleaning tool stations. Available in: WB, T


Board J

Board I doesn’t quite cut it? Get a bit more width with this option. Available in: T


Board B

Need to organise PPE at your factory entrance or work stations? Available in: WB


Board E

Great for one or two long handled tools.



Board H

For slightly longer handles or bulky items. Available in: T


Board K

When you need a lot of real estate for your gear, pick this one. Available in: WB


Board C

Store all your hand held tools at point of use to make your processes efficient. Available in: WB

Board F

Slightly wider than board E lets you store that one extra long handled tool. Available in: T


Board I

Start here for four plus long handled items. Available in: T


Board L

Meet Mr Jumbo. You can fit a lot on this one or turn landscape for a giant production board T

Hanging options

Single Hook / Double Hook

Heavy duty stainless steel hooks in single and double configuration. These can be mounted anywhere on the board, giving flexibility to fit more items on the board. Can be used to hang items with hanging holes in them, or to horizontally support items with no hanging hole. In time all hook types will be double bolted and the rivet option will be discontinued.

Safety design

Safety design – with the prong facing inwards, there is no risk of serious injury if anyone trips and falls against the hook. Also means the tool hangs out from and doesn’t touch the board.

Clip & bolt set (Bulldog clip)

For hanging items like gloves – Comes as a set with mounting bolt & nut for attaching to the board.

Mounting options

Direct Fix

Lowest cost board and can be mounted to most wall types. A suitable sealant can be placed around the board edge for hygiene purposes if required. Method of mounting board to the wall is decided by customer.



Stainless stand-off mounts that are attached to the wall structure. Can hose water or blow compressed air down behind board to clean, or can be easily removed for manual scrubbing



The new magnet option allows you to attach and detach your Shadow Board to any steel or coated steel surface, without drilling holes into your walls.


Attached to a custom designed stainless steel trolley or frame with or without swivelling nylon castors.


Left Hinged or Right Hinged

For high hygiene areas to allow for easy access to clean behind the board.


Useful resources


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The Fibreclean Shadow Board brochure


Be inspired by our gallery and imagine Shadow Boards in your Plant or factory.

Frequently asked questions

What is the lead time on shadow boards?

From receiving your brief, we aim to provide you with a no obligation quotation within 24 hours. Once we receive your purchase order/ payment (subject to account status), our design team will quickly provide full visual proofs. Once you have signed off the proofs your order is moved to production and will be delivered within 2-3 weeks of proof approval. If you have an urgent deadline, please speak to our team about fast track turnaround – we will be happy to discuss your timeline and come up with an acceptable plan.

Are hooks and holders provided with the shadow board?

Yes – your shadow board quotation from Hygiene Technologies will include the necessary hooks and holders for your utensils. In some cases where there are special / bespoke requirements, we may agree (following mutual discussion) for you to fix utensil hanging brackets to the shadow board(s) yourself.

My auditor tells me I need shadow boards but I don’t have wall space.

A frequent problem! Hygiene Technologies offers static and mobile stainless steel frames for shadow boards allowing you to locate anywhere you need.

What is the shadow board ordering process?

Hygiene Technologies operates a simple yet effective four step ordering process for shadow boards:

Send your design brief/requirements to Hygiene Technologies. Complete our shadow board Enquiry Form, email us at [email protected] or call 0800 732 525.

Quotation. You will receive a no obligation quotation from Hygiene Technologies on which you place your order.

Design. On receipt of your order, full proofs will be sent to you for approval.

Production. Once design proofs are approved the job can proceed promptly to production. Following routine QC inspection, your order is carefully packed and despatched.

How do I mount my shadow boards to the wall?
There are a number of different methods for mounting your shadow board – including, stand-offs, hinges, trollies and direct fix.
What colours do shadow boards come in?

In addition to the standard 11 hygiene colours from Hygiene Technologies, our state-of-the-art design and print facilities allow us to print whatever colour and design you wish for. Instead of colour on white, or white on colour shadow boards, why not incorporate your corporate brand colours or design patterns?

Do your shadow boards come in standard sizes?

In addition to our range of standard design Shadow Boards, we offer a bespoke design service. Our design team are well practised at fitting all the necessary tools and utensils into the smallest space possible to keep the cost to a minimum for you. (This does involve working with a number of standard sizes which are the most cost efficient). If you have specific dimensions you wish to work to, please contact our team who will be happy to advise.

Are your shadow boards supplied with fixings?

As the requirements for each factory/facility are different, we do not supply shadow boards with the fixings required for attaching to the wall.

Do shadow boards have to be fixed to the wall?

In many cases, fixing shadow boards to the wall is not an option. This may be because of many factors such as limited wall space or new walling which cannot be fixed to. In larger production halls, the walls may not be close enough to the required area.

Mobile shadow board frames

Hygiene Technologies stainless steel mobile shadow board frames can be moved to any location as required.  These are used for a wide variety of applications, a few of which are given as examples below:

  1. Where wall space is limited.
  2. To position shadow boards closer to operatives and production lines.  This minimises downtime and cross-contamination risk.
How long do your shadow boards last?

The life span of Hygiene Technologies shadow boards depends on your application and environment. The composite of our shadow boards is made from hard wearing and durable materials. Our direct print process also increases the life of the shadow board by removing the risk of peeling shadows. All Hygiene Technologies shadow boards have a heat-sealed laminate capable of withstanding the harsh demands of cleaning chemicals and animal fats.

Are your shadow boards suitable for outdoor use?

Yes – Hygiene Technologies shadow boards are made from material suitable for external use. Our direct print and hot laminate process make our shadow boards significantly more suited to outdoor applications than some alternative options which cold laminate or apply vinyl shadows. All laminates are external grade.

Do you charge for shadow board design?

We do not charge for shadow board design. Simply complete your shadow board enquiry form, return to us and we will provide a no obligation quotation. On receipt of your order, full visual proofs will be provided free of charge. We will not proceed to print until you have signed off the proofs.

Do you install shadow boards?

Each outlet has its own protocol and requirements for fixing Shadow Boards to walls and in working areas. We therefore recommend Shadow Boards are installed by your inhouse team (e.g. engineering). We are available to advise as required.

Are your shadow boards food grade?

Documentation is available detailing the material properties of our shadow boards, which are widely accepted as being suitable for food contact. Please contact the shadow board team for further information.

Can we have our own colour scheme?

Yes – our state-of-the-art design and print facilities give us exceptional versatility. Why not utilise this so your shadow boards match your corporate colour scheme, including management initiatives and objectives?

Are the utensils included?

Please specify at time of enquiry whether you wish us to include utensils on your quotation. We recommend them!

Do I have to pay extra for a logo?

No – all Hygiene Technologies shadow boards have provision for a logo as standard at no extra charge.