The Idea

No matter if you unload from a dirty delivery truck or take dirt inside your facility via material handling devices – most receiving areas build up dirt, debris and dust from tires and wheels. The next set of transport vehicles takes the dirt further and deeper into your storage and production areas till it causes issues inside your facilities.

By strategically placing ProfilGate® throughout your building, you can now capture up to 90 % of dirt – which is otherwise attached to your wheels, casters and tires – before it migrates and enters your production facility.

Where can you use this?

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Dry System

Profilgate is a system of stainless steel trays that are installed level with your existing floor. Heavy duty galvanised or stainless steel grates with patented brush strips inside them sit inside the grates. All your pedestrian traffic, trolleys, lifters and forklifts travel across the system which collects dirt and debris and holds it in the trays for collection with a vacuum.

Sanitising System

The Profilgate Aqua system consists of a stainless steel tray installed in your floor with a drain system that connects to your waste pipe network.  Inside this tray goes the stainless steel grates with patented brush strips inside them and then the trays are filled to the right level with your sanitising solution.  As your foot and trolley traffic moves across the system, the footwear soles and trolley wheels are sanitised without spreading liquid everywhere.  When the drain plug is pulled out at the end of the day, the whole system can be easily cleaned and refilled for the next day.  Click here to see a video of how the chemical distributes through the system.

6 Good Reasons for ProfilGate

1. Technical cleanliness

In most cases, the improved indoor cleanliness through the use of ProfilGate® is not only visible at the entrance, but deep in production as well. Your employees, customers, suppliers and auditors recognise at first glance that you are actively achieving the highest levels of technical cleanliness in your operation.

2. Improved hygiene

The regulations on separation of hygiene zones or areas are constantly tightening up. With ProfilGate® Aqua you integrate active cleaning and disinfection in one single step, meeting highest hygiene requirements.

3. Less customer complaints

ProfilGate® helps prevent contamination of surfaces, which can lead to complaints. In this way, contamination is avoided within both the production and storage areas. The results are a better image for your brand, less breakdowns and less inventory depreciation.

4. Less cleaning cost

ProfilGate® automatically collects the dirt in every entrance or driving zone. As a result, less debris and dust is transported into the facility, extending the cleaning cycles by about 40%. More importantly, your sweepers only clean during usage, whereas ProfilGate® cleans all day!

5. Reduced maintenance cost

Thanks to the installation of ProfilGate®, you will extend the lifetime of your epoxy coating or industrial resin flooring as the surface gets less scratched, as dirt on tyres, wheels and casters acts like sandpaper. Overall you will notice far less damage throughout facilities that use ProfilGate®.

6. Improved health and safety for your employees

Reduced dirt will create a better air quality in the environment while saving filter costs. The cleaner and dryer floors will reduce the risk of accidents, as the slip hazards are minimised. Another major improvement is that forklifts are less likely to spin or slide.

The Technology

The patented brush strips are the core of the innovative ProfilGate® system.

Due to constant improvement and development, the sophisticated brushes guarantee highly efficient cleaning of driving and walking zones.

A lot of detailed engineered features assures optimum efficient cleaning results, smooth operation and longevity. The sustainable design requires no electricity, has no motors, no bearings and almost no wearing parts.


The specially designed and patented angled position of the nylon bristles enables a maximum cleaning effect of wheels and even shoes. It allows for an active, mechanical cleaning by friction as soon as weight comes on the bristles. The uneven bristle tips get deeply into the various profiles going over the system.

Roof shape

The slightly angled upper surface of the brush body ensures that dirt particles and fluids end up directly in the tray floor. The narrow brush body allows for dirt particles of up to 8 mm size to easily pass and be collected in the tray below.

Profile shape

The brush body’s tapered design facilitates larger debris to easily pass and fall into the stainless steel tray below. The combination of the pre-stressed strips and the patented brush array automatically leads to an active cleaning while driving or walking on it.


The brush body is co-extruded from hard and soft PVC. A special mix creates constant tension of the strips and makes it suitable for high and fluctuating temperatures found in food environments. The covering of the top surface with soft PVC reduces the noise level to a minimum during use.

Brush strip

The pre-stressed tension of the brush strips allows up to 15 mm downwards movement. When used with tyres or shoes, the bristles get down and automatically create vibrations that transport the brushed-off dirt down into the stainless steel collection trays. In addition, the retraction protects the bristles from excessive wear as the majority of weight rests on the grate.

Frequently asked questions

How much dirt does the system collect?
The amount and type of dirt depends strongly on the conditions the product is used in. The results may vary depending on the vehicle, tire size, shoe profile, installation site or industry.

The dirt evaluations of customers globally have shown some are collecting up to 26 Kg every few days! The effectiveness of the system under the various conditions never ceases to amaze Profilgate users.

Can it go on top of the floor or only in the floor?

Absolutely.  Our first recommendation is to have it placed in the floor level with the floor surface for best long term efficiency and ease of use.  If this is not possible however due to prohibitive cost or other reasons, then the system can be fixed on top of the floor like the examples on this link or where you can cut the concrete but not too deeply, you can install the system inserted in the floor only half way like the examples on this link.

Does it need a power source – electricity, air, water?
No – it requires absolutely no power source which is one of the great benefits of the system.  It just keeps on silently working every time it is driven/walked over due to the unique brush design.  No bearings, seals, electric motors etc. to wear out.
How long will it last – does it wear out?
A very long time is the answer.  The stainless steel grates and trays have a lifetime warranty and as long as you rotate the brush grates and care for the brushes correctly, they are covered by a 1,000,000 pass warranty.  If you work this out for your facility it’s a long time.
How easy is it to clean?

Cleaning the Profilgate product is a simple task as shown in the videos below:

– Cleaning the dry system using the lifter trolley


– Cleaning the dry system using the lifting hooks


– Cleaning the brushes with a water blaster


– Cleaning the sanitising system

Is the system for new builds only or existing areas as well?
No, it works well for both.  To give you the installation concept, here’s a couple of videos explaining how it’s done:

– New build

– Existing building:

What if I can’t cut into my floor?
That’s fine – you can install it on top of the floor or half way into the floor – see FAQ above ‘Can it go on top of the floor or only in the floor?’
How does the auto dosing work for the sanitising system?

Here’s an explanation of the concept, the benefits, how the auto dosing system works and it’s specifications.

Does it remove swarf?

Yes, it works very well for this application. You can simply install it outside your workshop doors like in these examples and it loosens and brushes off swarf on all the trolleys and foot traffic that travels over it. Customers report finding significant amounts of swarf in the trays when they clean them out – all contamination that would have potentially ended up in their production facility.

Is it suitable for dry high hygiene zones in dairy plants?

Yes, it is.  The benefits in this application are:

  • Keeps moisture away from the dry zone by a totally dry system
  • Can be cleaned with ethanol sanitisers
  • Keeps powder normally transferred across the floor contained in the trays
  • System is manufactured from hygienic materials
  • All foot and trolley traffic can travel across it
Does the dry footwear system control pathogens?

The simple answer to this is that it does by trapping soil which is a food source for the pathogens in the trays.  The dry system obviously will not kill pathogenic organisms, but it does help to control those that are transferred or spread across floors.

What is the maximum load?

The maximum load depends on the model selected.

The b65 and st65 models can withstand the maximum load of 40 ton vehicle weight.

The models b55, st55, b65go, b55go, st65go and st55 go are designed for 30 ton maximum weight.

A load of 20 ton is possible with almost all the stainless steel models –  i55, sti55, sti55go, sti55go, i55aqua and sti55 aqua.

The two models with the lowest tray height of 45 mm – i45aqua and sti45aqua – have a load capacity of 10 tons.  They are always equipped with stainless steel gratings.

The food safe and lightweight plastic gratings (model k55) can carry a load of 2.5 tons.
They are finely meshed and their smooth plastic surface enables  low-vibration travel.
Since the plastic is antibacterial, they are also approved for food contact.

What area will give me the ultimate cleaning effect?

For optimum cleaning, the length of the Profilgate system should be approximately three to four times the circumference of the tire to be cleaned.

For the cleaning of shoe and boot soles, each foot should have at least four to six contacts with the cleaning field with a normal stride length, which corresponds to a field length of approx. 3 metres.

The width depends on the internal driveways and door widths. These should be selected to suit the installation location so that the vehicles cannot drive past the field. If necessary, bollards can also be used for this purpose.
Divided fields
, e.g. at gate entrances, are also possible as in the picture below:

How do I know where to position it for best effect?

Quite a lot of experience and some key information is needed to answer this question.  The simplest way is to get in touch on the form at the bottom of this page and one of our experienced team can work through your situation with you to give you a recommendation.

Do you have recommended installers for the product?

Yes, we absolutely do.  Once we know the situation including the  installation type, geographical location and site access info, we can suggest the best installer for you.  We take into account your preferred flooring contractors and what their team’s experience and skills are before we suggest the best option for you.

Installation is a key part of your investment in Profilgate to make it a long term effective system.

Some happy NZ users of Profilgate

Heinz Watties

Goodman Fielder

Tip Top Icecream

Hello Fresh

Jack Links

Griffins Foods

In 2019 we commissioned our new Whole Foods factory and to manage the contamination risk of pedestrians entering the facility, we installed the ProfilGate Aqua system in two key entrances. This has proven in practice to work very well, it is a simple yet effective system that works every time. It means that visitors and contractors to the site don’t need to do a physical boot change which saves time and costs.

It also gives us peace of mind that all contaminants and pathogens being walked in are being stopped in their tracks at that point. We will be looking at this system for another area of the factory that will be undergoing renovations next year and would recommend this system for any similar applications in the food processing industry.

Robin Peach,  Projects Manager – Tasti Products Limited

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