Finally!  A range of metal and X-Ray detectable pens and markers that last and are nice to use!

Retreeva breaks the mould of metal detectable pens being an expensive throwaway item – these pens are long lasting and designed from the nib up based on customer feedback. Retreeva looked at all other global brands available and worked to resolve the issues found in these.

The philosophy behind the Retreeva product is prevention before detection, basically make a pen that is virtually indestructible so that you can prevent small pieces of pen ending up in the mix and relying on the detector at the end to pick it up.  See the video above of a destruction test performed by our resident muscle man and see the results of the test performed with other brands here.  Don’t just take our word for it though, contact us to ask for a sample pen to write with and another you can try to break.

Prevention before detection!