Microfibre hand cloths

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  • Longarm duster frame

    Item Code: FC054
    Designed to take the 8FC220 duster sleeve, you can bend this frame to suit the contour of the area cleaned. For areas higher than you can reach, the short handle can be removed to enable a telescopic reach pole to be fitted onto the frame.
  • General purpose hand cloth

    Item Code: FC122
    General Purpose Microcloths come in two styles. This is the most common style and comes in a range of colours and suits most hard surface cleaning applications. It can be washed in up to 80 C water but is not recommended to be tumble dried over 95 C to avoid shrinkage. If regularly drying in a commercial tumble dryer (which often exceeds this temperature), we recommend the alternative Microcloth - for tumble drying
  • Glass cleaning hand cloth

    Item Code: FC126
    These are recommended to be used as the second step in cleaning glass or other reflective surfaces such as chrome taps, Stainless Steel etc. Once the reflective surface has been cleaned with a damp General Purpose Microcloth, use the Glass Cleaning Microcloth dry to remove any remaining moisture and polish the surface.
  • Microcloth - for tumble drying

    Item Code: FC124
    With similar properties to the General purpose hand cloth, this is designed for general cleaning of hard surfaces, however it is designed for those regularly drying the cloths in a commercial tumble dryer.
  • Combicloth

    Item Code: FC424
    This cloth is very absorbent and is designed to be wrung out over and over again. Ideal for use as a dishcloth, as a synthetic chamois for drying off vehicles or stainless steel surfaces after wash down.
  • Longarm Duster Sleeve

    Item Code: FC058
    Microfibre dusting sleeve designed to fit over the Long Arm Duster Frame
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