Our Vision

To be the go-to company for cleaning and hygiene challenges in the food industry.

Our Mission

Hygiene Technologies supplies key New Zealand markets with cleaning products and systems that make a real difference.

For over 30 years we have focused on truly understanding our customers’ challenges. Our experience gives us the ability to apply innovation and expertise that will reduce risk and increase profits for you. We’re New Zealand owned and run and passionate about giving you the best customer experience in the industry.

Our Values

Trust – If we say it we do it, even when no one is watching.

Challenge – Improvement or extinction – we choose the first option which is why challenging the status quo is part of our DNA – both with ourselves and with our customers.

Agility – The structure of our family business means we get the important things done fast yet effectively.

Our Team

Jason Senior / Managing Director

A man with lots of energy and in a hurry! He’s come up through the ranks by dedicating himself to each role he’s worked in. Now he’s our Managing Director which includes responsibility for all R & D.

Mike Anderson / Operations Manager

Mike heads our Operations team. This involves all our inwards and outwards goods, manufacturing and assembly work, and also oversees all our stock purchasing. His department measure themselves by the DIFOTIS score system and Mike tenaciously insists the daily score is maintained.

Rob Puddy / Solutions Team Leader

When it comes to experience Rob ticks lots of boxes. In the meat processing industry, he started as a butcher, and moved up to managing a shift, and then onto the company General Manager. For the last several years he has been involved in selling chemicals to the food processing industry – he loves the scope of the range that Hygiene Tech provides and tackles cleaning challenges head on.

Dayle Senior / Marketing Team Leader

Dayle has had an unbroken term of 27 years in this family business. He has played a critical part in management and direction as the business has developed. When it comes to experience in our focused market, he is our expert – that’s why he heads our marketing team.


Lincoln Field / Solutions Team

Linc is an integral part of our External Sales team. Strategically placed in the Waikato he’s had over 6 years’ in this role, where trouble-shooting all range of factory hygiene issues is his specialty.

Nathan Senior / Solutions Team

With 20 + years’ experience, he has helped develop our Fibreclean range over the years and has a great understanding of what will work best in each situation. He is constantly in touch with international trends to deliver the greatest benefits to our customers.

Mike Harvey-Fitzgerald / Internal Sales Coordinator

‘Fitzy’ is one of the latest additions to our sales team as our Internal Sales Co-Ordinator. He comes with many years’ experience in customer services and will often be the person responding to your query.

Glen Senior / Solutions Team

Glen’s passion for sales and chemical technology have had a direct influence on our product lineup as it is today. In his 24 years in the business he has formed invaluable contacts in the chemical supply and formulation industry globally, which we look to for our future growth.

Hanro Fourie / Operations Team Leader

Our Team Leader for Operations, Hanro is relatively new to the team. His versatile can-do attitude finds a way to make sure that any specific customer requests are actioned on time and without error.

Wanda Vermeulen / Operations Administrator

Our Administrator for Operations & Procurement, Wanda is the first go-to person for order placement and product delivery queries. Her personal determination to put the customer first (and with a smile) strongly reflects our Company culture.

Ryan Ruhi / Marketing Coordinator

Marketing, marketing, marketing! Ryan started as a graphic artist for shadow boards, then to web development and now runs our entire marketing calendar. A challenging role with an ever-evolving product range and diversity of market, but he achieves it all with his mischievous grin – a great team player.

Our Brands