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“In the past cleaning the plant has been very hard, but with Tenax, we don’t seem to have that problem. It’s the chemical itself doing what it should do, which is softening everything and cleaning it so when it comes to rinsing off, everything is a lot easier. We don’t have to do as much scrubbing and water blasting as before. It makes everything look nice and clean and it smells nice! We left it on for twenty minutes and I’ve just gone and rinsed it all off. I haven’t scrubbed or needed to waterblast.”

Nathan Paewai, Progressive Meats Department Supervisor

“It’s been a major payback. We’ve saved over $17,000 in water use, chemicals and manual labour since we started using the scrubber, we were having a look around for this type of product and Hygiene Technologies suggested the scrubber. While other companies only wanted to talk over the phone or send a demo, Hygiene Technologies brought a machine to the plant and showed us how it would work. The floor scrubber cut the hours down to just 1.75 a week while the quality of the job was far superior, using less water and the floors were dry when finished. The production floors were being scrubbed with deck scrubs and then being hosed down, taking more than 7 hours a week.”

Cody Wetere, Tegels Henderson

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