Colour coded hygiene tools for the food processing industry

The Fibreclean range continues to expand with over 1000 items available in this range in up to 11 strong colours, the most available in NZ and compliments a broad range of other solutions we provide, with the likes of food industry chemicals, various styles of specialist cleaning machinery and systems and much more. You can be sure of the most fit for purpose solution to meet your needs.


  • Colour coded hygiene grade tools and storage systems – includes marketleading shadow boards, brushware, squeegees, shovels, telescopic handles…
  • Detectable products and tools for high risk food environments
  • Janitorial cleaning tools and mopping systems
  • Wipers and cloths, paper towels/toilet tissue

6 reasons why you should use Fibreclean

1. Reduce your food safety risk:

– Minimise risk of cross contamination in your industry

– 11 colours available

– Flexibility when colour coding

– Wall hanging system which helps keep tools in the right place

– Metal and x-ray detectable products

– Colour coded ingredients storage and dispensing bins and totes, to help differentiate between allergens and non-allergens products

2. Keep your auditors happy:

– Our expertise, we know what auditors are looking for

– Comply with international best practice

– Guides and templates on how to audit your cleaning tools

– Up to date compliance documents for our products

– Support with 5S and lean implementation

– Easy to understand colour coded floor plans and signage

3. Save you money:

Very durable, expertly designed and always fit to purpose, i.e. headlock handle joint.

Fibreclean 200% money back guarantee: If any other brand of hygiene cleaning tool sold in NZ outlasts an equivalent Fibreclean product under the same use conditions, then HTL will refund 200% of the original purchase price of the Fibreclean item.

4. Save you time:

Reliable service

No need to deal with multiple suppliers, hold large inventory or order well before you need it – we do that so you don’t have to – saving you time

5. Training and support

Help your cleaners to quickly, effectively and simply complete their tasks and comply with your internal standards

6. Research and development

Recognising that compliance expectations and legislation are always increasing

We’re constantly evaluating new technology, to help you better meet your unique challenges

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