Hand Hygiene and Health for your workplace

Instant Hand Sanitiser

A very effective ethanol-based foaming sanitiser for hands. Contains no silicones or gelling and thickening agents, so will not leave residue on touch surfaces. Foaming action helps to spread quickly on the hands, without run-off and dries quickly with no sticky after-feel. Contains an effective moisturiser and conditioner, so will not dry out skin even with frequent and continual use.

Food Handlers Wash

An effective foaming hand cleaner suitable for use in food and beverage processing as it contains no fragrance and dyes. Will contribute to better hand hygiene due to the effectiveness at removing food-based soils and micro-organisms in the hand washing process. The foaming action, mild and skin friendly formula with 5% moisturiser and a pH of 5.5 encourages regular usage. Contains environmentally preferable preservatives, surfactants and conditioners.

Deluxe Foam Wash

A luxurious foaming wash suitable for use in washrooms for hands or as a hair and body wash in showers. Pleasantly scented and with a skin friendly pH of 5.5, this product is formulated with mild yet effective surfactants and a natural moisturiser to leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Industrial Hand Cleaner

Formulated to effectively remove heavy industrial, mechanical and engineering type soil while ensuring maximum protection for your skin and the environment. Based on biodegradable walnut-shell scrubbers and soy based surfactants, this does not need to rely on harsh solvents, petroleum derived compounds or alkaline soaps to be effective.


Manual Dispenser

1 Litre Soft Bottle

Touchless Dispenser

1 Litre Soft Bottle

1 Litre Soft Bottle

with Foaming Nozzle

Stainless Steel Foaming Dispenser

1 Litre Bottle

Desktop Bottle Dispenser


Industrial Dispenser

4 Litre Bottle

Environmental Information

We have formulated our Professional Skin Care products with a genuine desire to not add to the environmental burden of our planet, and to stay ahead of pending legislative restrictions to the use of common skin care ingredients and anti-microbial claims. These are most important in the “wash-off” type products as these are the ones that end up in our waterways. Environmental features of the different products and packaging:


  • Formulated with ethanol derived from bio-fuels. This is environmentally preferable to isopropyl alcohol which is derived from fossil fuels.

Prevent and Wild Mango 

  • Contains no Triclosan or triclocarban
  • Contains no formaldehyde based preservatives
  • Contains no AOX (adsorbable organic halides)
  • Contains no diethanolamine compounds
  • Contains no cocamidopropyl betaine


  • Uses rapidly biodegradeable, renewable crushed walnut shell as a scrubbing agent
  • Contains no poly-beads
  • Uses soy-based surfactants and contains no soap
  • Contains no kerosene or petroleum derived solvents
  • Contains no d-Limonene

Soft Bottle with Foaming Nozzle  

  • Made of recyclable LDPE and PP

Industrial Hand Cleaner Bottle and Nozzle  

  • Made of recyclable HDPE and PP

Professional Skincare Solutions Brochure

Hand hygiene and health for your workplace

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