What is Haz-Lok?

It is our complete end to end system that takes concentrate hazardous cleaning chemicals and feeds it to the likes of your foaming system or whatever you use for chemical application. Due to some key unique features, any risk of your operator coming into contact with concentrate chemicals is eliminated totally.  Watch the video below to see how it works:


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Chapter 1: Haz-Lok System Benefits
Chapter 2: Back End Options
Chapter 3: Front End Options – Low Pressure
Chapter 4: Front End Options – Medium Pressure
Chapter 5: Front End Screw Tips
Chapter 6: Tool Kit for Troubleshooting
Chapter 7: Diagnosis Screw Adjuster
Chapter 8: Diagnosis Tubing
Chapter 9: Diagnosis Female QRC
Chapter 10: Diagnosis Male QRC
Chapter 11: Diagnosis Back End

6 Good Reasons for Using Haz-Lok


The risks of workers injuring themselves in cases like this, through accessing hazardous concentrate chemicals can be now eliminated. The Haz-Lok system uses quick connect valves with shut offs so that taking chemicals from bulk drums into the point of use containers removes the need to handle concentrate chemicals.


You would be surprised of the large increase in chemical usage when your cleaners have access to concentrate chemicals.  Removing this access has a dramatic positive impact on the amount of chemical you use onsite which obviously also impacts the environment beneficially.


We have witnessed plants where their cleaning teams stand around waiting for their bottle of chemical to be decanted for up to 30 minutes.  The Haz-Lok filling systems can make this a thing of the past with safe filling being very efficient and quick.


Gone are the days when you need to buy your chemicals in small container sizes to avoid dangerous decanting.  Get the benefits of the savings when buying in larger container sizes but deliver it to your cleaners in the right size for the cleaners with the Haz-Lok system.


The easy colour coded system you get with Haz-Lok makes it difficult for cleaners to get the wrong product hooked up.  The labelling and signage have both the product name in bold letters and is coloured uniquely to that product. 


Corrosion and surface or material damage in your factory happens a lot faster when concentrate chemicals are applied instead of diluted chemicals.  We often hear complaints from engineers about damage to bearings, gearboxes, pumps, electrical components, belting, seals, HMI’s – the list keeps going.  Haz-Lok minimises this damage by taking away the ability to use chemical straight or too strong, saving you from expensive maintenance.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to install?

The answer to this depends on the size or scope of the project. A small installation of one pump/chemical for a 200Ltr size drum could take one hour, where a large multi pump site could take a day or more.

Can I decant from bulk supply and then pour some into a holding tank or soak tank?

Yes and No – you can absolutely decant from a bulk supply with the Haz-Lok system, but you can’t pour into an open tank from the Haz-Lok container.  The system is designed to remove operator access to concentrate chemicals, so it’s important you can’t do this.  There are however ways to achieve the same results in a safe manner – our Solutions Team can talk through these options with you.

What happens if I over fill the container?

A dribble will flow out of the breather bung on the back of the container. This is obviously more desirable than chemical pouring out of the container neck as would happen with standard systems, however your operators need more training if this is happening, as there is no advantage to doing this – it just makes a mess and introduces H+S risks.  To make this happen with the Haz-Lok system, the operator needs to keep their hand on the fill button while it is over filling – if they let the button go the filling stops immediately.

Can I use this system to decant into spray bottles?

Not with concentrate chemicals, as the system is designed to stop this. Haz-Lok can be used however to fill spray bottles with diluted chemical – if you want more info on this, please contact our Solutions Team

The Haz-Lok containers seem expensive – can I put the fittings on my own container?

The answer here is no, as this could potentially compromise the system features because we have no control over the manufacture and assembly. The Haz-Lok system offers excellent value when you look at potential fines and harm to your team when they have access to concentrate hazardous chemicals

Can I get a 20 Ltr Haz-Lok container?

We do not offer this as an option as when you fill a container of this size it is heavier than the recommended weights that Worksafe say are safe to handle.

Can you have a different fitting on the containers so the user can’t fill them with the wrong product?

No – this is not an option currently.

Like to Know More?

Every application and situation is different, however our Solutions Team has a lot of experience in working out exactly what will work best for your situation. Fill in a few details below and we’ll be in touch.