An innovative solution for reduction of dirt entering your factory

ProfilGate offers some amazing unique benefits that have not been possible to achieve in NZ in the past. It’s a system that effectively cleans soles of footwear, forklift tyres and any wheeled trolleys just simply by moving across it – no bottle necks or reminding users to clean their feet or vehicle tyres – the users simply go about their work as normal and the cleaning just happens.

The system is available as a dry system for dust and debris or a liquid sanitation system that sanitises everything that passes over it. Find out more about the benefits of this great technology today by clicking on the button below. This will show you how the system works, what models are available, references of who’s using this system globally and videos of the product in use and being installed. 

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ProfilGate in action

ProfilGate innovation entry cleaning system

ProfilGate installation – milling of the floor

ProfilGate installation – new build

ProfilGate installation – quick wet cut floor