Interactive display for Hygiene Technologies at Foodtech Packtech

May 2020

Driving profitability without compromising hygiene standards is the theme of the Hygiene Technologies interactive display at Foodtech Packtech.

Hygiene Technologies has been at the leading edge of hygiene innovations that create profitability, not narrow the profitability margin. We will be revealing some hygiene products at the expo that have never been seen in New Zealand before.

Hygiene Technologies will have three interactive displays at its stand #2022 including an industry first real time validation tool that visually confirms if a surface is clean or not, picking up much more than biofilms – in fact anything organic including chemical residues.

“You will be frightened by what you think is a clean hygienic surface and what the detection spray reveals.”

Another product being showcased is a dry steam cleaner for conveyor systems. It’s well known that there is an industry-wide challenge in cleaning conveyors due to the time it takes and ineffective results from attempting to clean the many surfaces of a conveyor.

“We will have the Powerflo steam cleaning system in action cleaning an interlocking belt conveyor to prove just how effective it is,” Marketing Manager Nathan Senior says.
If you can’t wait, see our video and more info here.

Hygiene Technologies has a “show only special” on a new small area floor scrubber, which is an effective replacement to the mop and bucket.

“The floor scrubber saves huge amount of time with more effective results than the traditional mop and bucket.

Make sure you look where you’re walking at Foodtech Packtech, as your shoes may get brushed by Profilgate.

We have recently become the agent for Profilgate – which is a patented system that removes dirt from tyres, wheels and shoes when they pass over the brush grates.

It has unique angled brushes which dirt and foreign matter fall down and are simply collected in the capturing tray, underneath. The system operates automatically and does not need any external energy supply. Try it out for yourself at the show and you will be very surprised at the volume of dirt it collects!

Adding to our range of Powerflo equipment and a younger brother to the Technifoamer, is the Technifogger, which has applications in the food industry for environmental sanitising.

We will also have a large display of our colour-coded Fibreclean range of cleaning tools and ingredient bins on show with some new products and colours not seen before.

“One of the new products there is a prototype of a new tool holder/shadow board concept that we would like feedback on.

“Fibreclean already leads the way in this field with the unique Rail Sign but there have been requests lately for something a bit more vivid and the ability to truly customize it for specific requirements.

“We take our role in the food industry very seriously and it’s our mission to make your business more profitable. We will be able to show you how you can spend less time cleaning and more time in production.”

We look forward to catching up with you at the trade show. See you at stand #2022

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