How to make a good idea stick…

October 2020

February 2020

No penetrations into the wall – means less opportunities for bacteria harbourage and your building stays looking good for longer.  Especially as the needs in your factory changes over time and layouts/machinery placement is altered – simply remove the board off the wall and re-position where required.

The Fibreclean market leading shadow boards are a great idea for transforming your workplace, achieving 5S or as part of your LEAN journey, but now we can make this great idea stick! Literally, we are now sticking our shadow boards onto poly panel or freezer panel style walls in food factories in NZ with super strong magnets and our customers are loving it!

Easily remove board for cleaning behind – even though these magnets are super strong, we have worked out the correct amount required to hold the board securely but still be easy enough to remove as required.  We recommend removing tools off the board first. The magnets are coated in a white rubber compound so it will not leave any marks on the wall.

Very quick to install – no waiting for engineers to get around to installing them!  Some of our customers who have had their nice new boards delivered in quick turnaround time have been disappointed to find their engineer is too busy to put it up and may not get to it for 6 months time!  Easily line it up exactly where required and place onto wall, or change to suit.

These shadow board magnets are obviously only applicable with freezer panel or poly panel type walls with a magnetic steel surface.

Don’t just limit these magnets to holding our shadow boards on the wall, try them with your paper towel and hand sanitiser dispensers as well!


      Remove for cleaning                   On wall during the day             Replace after cleaning         


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Post by Nathan Senior