Freedom to move without any risk

May 2020

Battery operated cleaning equipment is on the rise especially with the increased spotlight on health and safety.

One popular product is the Numatic RucSac cordless backpack vacuum cleaner.

A contract cleaning company that operates within food processing plants has given it the thumbs up.

Teresa Scannell and her team have been using the cordless backpack vacuum cleaner for a couple of months.

She says it’s given cleaners more freedom without the worry of tripping over cords while at the same time completing the task faster.

“They don’t have to worry about tripping over cords while they also don’t have to move backwards and forwards to power outlets.”

Teresa’s also been impressed by the battery time – which is close to an hour of operation but its good to know that there’s always the back up battery as well that comes with the vacuum.

However because the cleaners have got the freedom to roam without the restriction of a cord – there’s never been a time when the battery has run out.

“We limit the length of time they carry the cleaner, as we would with any backpack type, so it’s never been an issue.”

One surprising observation when comparing the cordless cleaner has been its flat square back – which Teresa says makes it much more comfortable to wear.

“It sits in the flat of your back, so it’s much more comfortable than any others we’ve used,” she says.

The Numatic RucSuc also has impressive suction for battery operation and is much quieter than conventional cleaners.

“We use it in a large administration area that is operated 24/7.  It’s really quiet so we are not obtrusive. We’re now looking at introducing it to other areas within the plant such as the boot exchange area.”

Hygiene Tech sales representative Bernard says the RucSac can go where no other vacuum cleaner can.

For cleaning areas that are higher up such as ducting and pipes you eliminate the risk of the cord getting caught around something or disconnecting from the mains power source.

It also has a integrated hand control that allows both instant on/off operation to save maximum power along with a battery use indicator that lets you know how much charge remains.

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