Based on great feedback from our customers, we have created a customised tool to help make life easier for your production, admin, accounts and procurement teams.

The e-hub features are available to any entity that has a trade account with us. It starts off with you being sent an email to set your password and as soon as you’ve done that you can login and you’re away.
Here’s some of the functionality of our e-hub system:

• View or download invoices/credits whenever you need to
• Check the status of any orders you have with us
• Check out any product that you’re looking for – compare features, pricing, sizes etc. to help you with what the best one is for you
• All products on the site will load with the correct price that is in our system for your company
• You can see stock levels for all products
• You can place orders on your trade account 24/7 with the click of a button – no phone calls or emails needed .

If you would like to experience these features but do not have a trade account – no problem.  Here’s a link to our account application form – once you have filled this out and sent it to us, we’ll get your account underway.

As we have had e-hub customised and built specifically for us, we have many more features that we intend adding in future upgrades.

The whole platform has been built based on feature requests from our customers and our overriding filter we use to prioritise features is ‘Will this make it easier for our customers?’.  For this reason, we would love your feedback on anything at all that would make this tool easier for you – no idea is silly. If you have something to suggestplease fill in the form below with your thoughts and we’ll get in touch to get more clarification if we need it – thanks for your input.