Do your customers want peace of mind that your equipment is sanitised?

February 2020

We manufacture a large range of sanitisers for one of the strictest industries in NZ – the food and beverage industry.   

For this reason, the product standards are very high, the efficacy or bug killing performance needs to be at the top of the game and consistency is essential. 

Along with this range of products, our Solutions Team has many years of experience in: 

• selecting the right product for different applications 

• determining the best use rate 

• making sure the chemical is compatible with your equipment in terms of corrosion and surface damage and 

• helping you with the best application tools to get the job done properly and fast 

You can get significant savings by buying direct from the manufacturer – do this simply by shopping online or starting a trade account with us.   

If you need some help to select the best one for your situation, just give us a call on 0800 732 525 or enter your details in the form below and we’ll be straight back to you.


Post by Dayle Senior