TENAX® becomes cleaning product of choice

May 2020

Progressive Meats reports ‘never seen’ results.
There has been strong interest in our revolutionary cleaning product, which is already proving its reputation amongst leaders in the food sector.TENAX®, which is part of the Opal brand of cleaning products, can be used throughout food processing plants.Hawke’s Bay based meat processor Progressive Meats was one of the first to trial Tenax and they are thrilled with the results.Jamie Goulton, a cleaner at Progressive Meats, gave Tenax the thumbs up saying it’s the best cleaning product he’s ever used.

The principle behind the Tenax technology is that the chemical thickens when it is diluted to the correct percentage and consequently clings in a wet state to surfaces far better than foaming chemicals, thoroughly wetting out the soiled surface and solubilising the soil.
TENAX® chemicals have been designed to give prolonged adherence to vertical and horizontal surfaces, thereby making full use of the chemical energy available.
“In the past cleaning the plant has been very hard, but with Tenax, we don’t seem to have that problem.
“It’s the chemical itself doing what it should do, which is softening everything and cleaning it so when it comes to rinsing off, everything is a lot easier,” said Progressive Meats Department Supervisor Nathan Paewai.

The Tenax process takes just 20 minutes from initial application to rinsing away and when

All surfaces not only look cleaner and shinier but are producing a positive trend downwards with micro readings.the chemical is rinsed off, it thins down again like water with no need to chase foam down the drain. “We don’t have to do as much scrubbing and waterblasting as before. It makes everything look nice and clean and it smells nice! “We left it on for twenty minutes and I’ve just gone and rinsed it all off. I haven’t scrubbed or needed to waterblast.”