Stainless is the Reel Deal

May 2020

When it comes to looking for the hose reel that’s the real deal, you can’t go past Hygiene Tech’s stainless steel range.

We searched the world for the best hose reels that are most suitable for the food industry.

Hygiene Tech’s Dayle Senior says there were a number of important aspects when it came to deciding what hose reel would join the other quality products within the range.

Stainless is often perceived as expensive but quality, performance and life of product outweigh the initial outlay. When it comes to the food industry the real difference with stainless is its hard wearing properties that resist corrosion from strong chemicals so much better than other metals.

Employees responsible for cleaning also enjoy the “cleaner friendly” attributes of stainless.

“Stainless is far superior to plastic and galvanized alternatives but the hose reel we’ve sourced also offers more than other stainless steel offerings in New Zealand.

“We’ve recently fitted out a food plant and our customer was surprised that the hose reels we installed were better value now than the ones they purchased eight years ago.

“They have also been impressed by the quality and although it’s early days, the hose reels will stand the test of time.

“The stainless steel reels we’ve sourced are far superior, they’re safer and easier to use and to clean. “

Dayle recommends that the hose reels are installed higher up a wall.

They can be mounted up to 3m high which takes away any safety risks such as staff tripping over the hose or damage to hose from forklift operators driving over it.

Some people think that hose reels are a bit of ‘bug trap’ but this is proven to be untrue. One of the benefits of a reel is that the hose isn’t being dragged through food residues all day and also the hoses we recommend are easy to clean and have antimicrobial properties.

The hose reels are spring retractable with swivel brackets, so that the hose moves with you, rather than against. Using a reel also keeps things nice and tidy.

This minimizes the physical nature of pulling around the hose, which can lead to injuries and RSI.

There is a full range of accessories available, with the hose reels working well with hoses of varying lengths and diameter.

There’s lots of options in the range to suit every application – call us to discuss which reel is best and you’ll also be pleasantly surprised at the affordability of stainless steel reels.

Call 0800 REAL CLEAN (0800 732 525) or contact us to discuss how our stainless steel hose reels can help you.