Simple but essential rule – Always clean the tools that clean!

May 2020

How to clean Fibreclean brushware – video tutorials

When you think about it, your brushware is probably some of the dirtiest equipment on your site, given that its intended purpose is to remove dirt from your premises.

There is no easier way to re-contaminate a surface than to scrub or sweep it with a brush that hasn’t been cleaned or sanitised since the last time it was used. And yet surprisingly, a lot of food processors don’t have any sort of plan to regularly clean and inspect their cleaning tools.

We have produced this series of video’s to give users of our Fibreclean equipment a useful guide on how to best clean their brushware after use – this is both to keep it hygienic and to prolong its useful life. We will also cover off how to sanitise the brushes, dry them, and re-pack them, so you can watch whatever parts are applicable to your situation.

In these video’s we will focus on just the products with bristles in them, as they are the hardest items to clean properly. Other items in the range that are one-piece moulded, and have smooth surfaces such as shovels, scrapers, buckets and single blade squeegees, are easy to clean in comparison. 

Video 1: Cleaning off different soils


Video 2: Sanitising and drying

Video 3: Process flow and repacking