‘Resin Set’ gives total peace of mind

May 2020

Food manufacturers who require various styles of brushware in their production are understandably concerned about loose bristles ending up in food products.

No brushware manufacturer can ever give an absolute guarantee that bristles won’t come out of a brush, but new technology has enabled food producers to significantly reduce the risk.

As New Zealand’s leading brand, Fibreclean has a great reputation for quality and bristle retention is maximised due to the high pressure that the filaments are stapled into the stock with (stainless steel staples).

Now with the introduction of resin set, we can take this one step further.

What is resin set?

This is where the brush bodies are specially moulded to form a recess on the side the bristles are held. Once bristle clumps have been secured into the brush stock, food grade resin is flooded into the recess, surrounding all bristles and then left to set.

Originally resin set brushware was introduced by another brand for the purpose of solving a problem with bristles falling out due to an inferior stock design. Although Fibreclean brushes are already firmly secured due to the way they are stapled into solid, high density brush stocks, resin set does help provide additional security against loose bristles.

Fibreclean resin set brushes are unique in the fact that the bristle tufts are both stapled in and held with resin – not just held with resin only.

The other major benefit that has become evident is superior hygiene. Sealing around bristles substantially reduces opportunities for bacteria to accumulate and penetrate below daily sanitation levels.

So, in summary, we see this advanced technology as a positive step in support of best hygiene practice.

It is most applicable whenever a lot of sweeping or scrubbing of food contact surfaces is undertaken. Due to the higher cost involved in manufacturing this style of brush, we don’t see it as a replacement option for use right throughout a factory, but just in the strategic areas mentioned.

For this reason, resin set brushware is available primarily in the styles that are used in these areas and come in the same colour options as the rest of the Fibreclean range.

See them for yourself

We will have our resin set brushes on display at the Foodtech/Packtech show this month – come and check them out at stand #2022.

Please contact us to find out more and to have total peace of mind that your high risk areas can be cleaned with the ultimate in hygiene brushware.