The next time you load up a refrigerated delivery, keep in mind there could be some hitchhikers onboard!

Unfortunately those hitchhikers include unwanted bacteria and fungi that have hitched a ride on your truck from another location.

A truck is the one common vector that comes in contact with pallets, crates and packaging, whether coming or going. Truck drivers and fleet managers have to be proactive in their policies and practices to stop the spread of micro’s in their trucks.

So how is your truck looking inside? Good as gold, or more drab than fab?


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Learn how Securedet works

4 Steps to keep your truck or fleet pathogen free

Rinse & Squeegee

Rinse the contact zones, start from the back move towards the doors. Squeegee any water off the floors.

Spray with Securedet

Spray the walls and the floors with Securedet, paying particular attention to any deep grooves.

Rinse & Squeegee

The rinse and squeegee the surfaces inside the truck, to remove all the foam and solution from walls and floor.

Close & Tag

Seal doors of trailer with a coloured tag, to show that it has been rinsed and sanitised ready for use.

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