Tenax Ultra - 20L/200L/1000L

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TENAX Ultra is a star performer from a range of new generation TENAX chemicals that have been designed to give prolonged adherence to vertical and horizontal surfaces, thereby making full use of the chemical energy available. The outcome of this extended contact time is a superior cleaning result to what has previously been available, which allows you to reduce the other inputs involved in cleaning, such as manual labour, hot water, and time. TENAX Ultra has been formulated to deal with very high levels of fatty, greasy, oily and proteinaceous soiling, and in most cases, will remove protein and fatty films without the need to manually scrub or pre-rinse with hot water. TENAX Ultra has been shown to also be excellent at removing tarred and carbonaceous soils, where fats and proteins have been heat denatured or burnt on. TENAX Ultra will cope with very high levels of water hardness, and rinses freely

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