Tech 545 Alkaline CIP Detergent - 20L/200L/1000L

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TECH 545 is a concentrated alkaline detergent designed for CIP and recirculation cleaning of dairy, beverage and food industry processing equipment. Tech 545 provides rapid wetting and emulsifying performance with free rinsing properties due to its specialist “zero foaming” surfactant and has excellent chelating properties. Tech 545 contains 45% w/w high purity membrane-grade caustic soda. Freezing point is approximately 8°C.


• High sodium hydroxide content provides good organic soil removal properties
• Good soil suspension
• Odourless and non-foaming
• Contains wetting agents


• Concentrated nature ensures low in-use concentrations and costs
• Quickly breaks up and suspends soils
• Liquid – ease of dosing
• Wetting agents reduce surface tension which improves the cleaning performance and enhances rinsing

Directions for use:

• Use at between 0.5 – 2.0% v/v (5 – 20 mls/ltr) for most applications.
• A 1% v/v solution of Tech 545 in soft water, will equal approximately 40,000 uS/cm @ 25°C.
• Use-concentration, circulation time and temperature are all dependent on what has been processed in the circuit prior to cleaning, so contact a Hygiene Technologies representative for specific use instructions for your situation if you are unsure.
• All items cleaned must be rinsed with potable water before re-use

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