Last ditch option turns into success

May 2020

It wasn’t about selling chemicals to a prospective new client when Hygiene Technologies visited snack food company Tasti Products.

Tasti Products Quality manager Fiona Breed was unsure whether she would ever find a way of cleaning scale off a machine that made high concentrated fruit paste for its popular muesli bar range.

The company had gone back to the international manufacturer of the machine with no success and had used a wide range of chemical solutions over three months with the same result.

“It was brand new equipment but the manufacturer didn’t have a solution.

“We tried a range of cleaning methods, using different chemicals and different doses and also attempted water blasting, but we just couldn’t get rid of the scale build up.

“When Dayle from Hygiene Technologies visited he didn’t just try to sell us some chemicals but he actually asked if they could help with any problems with our cleaning methods and procedures,” she says.

After an inspection of the machine, a solution was suggested but what impressed Fiona was that before the remedy was applied Dayle said, ‘I think this will work but I’m going to go back to discuss with the chemists first’.

At that point Fiona realised that this nightmare could finally be over.

“He gave me confidence that there was a solution to the scaling but rather than provide the chemicals there and then, he decided to go back and check with the chemists. It was then that I knew we were dealing with experts.”

Once the experts verified that the product would eliminate the scaling, a sample of the product was delivered and trialed with instant success.

“It was a huge relief and not only did they provide a chemical solution but also improved the overall cleaning procedures.”

Since this introduction Hygiene Technologies has looked at other cleaning procedures within the business including cleaning the oil filling line.

The recommendation was to use two new cleaning chemicals along with some specialist Fibreclean Macro and Microfibre tools which were trialed and found to work very effectively. Along with the product recommendations, Hygiene Technologies also helped change the SOP documents to reflect these changes.

The benefits to Tasti didn’t stop at chemicals either – Dayle gave some recommendations on explosion proof vacuum cleaners for an area he identified as an explosion risk.

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