Is it really worth the risk using standard plastic tools on your food production line?

May 2021

A lot of our customers don’t realise the wide variety of metal detectable tools now available for use on food production lines – whether it be stirring food products, scraping stuck on food, shovelling ice or scooping ingredients.

It’s simply not worth the risk of using standard plastic tools when metal detectable plastic ones are available. To show that the risk of a piece of the tool breaking off and being packaged with your food is very real, have a look at these examples:

We all know the massive cost and potential brand damage that go along with these incidents – don’t subject your business to these risks.

Take a look at this range of metal and x-ray detectable products now available and if you can’t find something specific that you’re looking for, simply reach out through the form below – our team will help you find it.