I’m super organised, I’m compliant … what am I?

May 2020

I’m the answer to your audit non-conformities and you’ll find me in the shadows.

No, we’re not talking about the dark recesses of your workplace, but rather Fibreclean® Shadow Boards from Hygiene Technologies

With the globalisation of food production and trade, quality management and food safety has become of the utmost importance, and auditing plays a fundamental role in verifying that proper food safety practices are being adhered to.

In a 2015 analysis of audit data from over 17,000 food production sites globally*, some of the most frequent non-conformities involved incorrect storage and colour coding of cleaning tools.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to getting your factory’s hygiene and housekeeping up to scratch.

Industry-leading Fibreclean® Shadow Boards

A place for everything and everything in its place’ – that’s the premise behind our fully customisable, durable and easy to clean Fibreclean Shadow Boards

In addition to ensuring audit compliance, they will:

  • dramatically reduce the cost of replacing missing and damaged tools. You can also reduce the potential for a foreign-matter incident;
  • support organisational initiatives like 5S, lean manufacturing, continuous improvement or Kaizen;
  • reduce downtime searching for equipment that’s not where it should be;
  • promote and reinforce company messages and policies in a highly visible way to staff, auditors and customers;
  • reinforce important safety messages right where they must be applied for maximum effectiveness – on the factory floor.


A tailored hygiene solution

Hygiene Technologies first introduced colour-coded hygiene grade tools to the New Zealand food processing market in 2002, and now we lead the way with high quality shadow boards to further enhance your factory’s hygiene and efficiencies.

Fibreclean Shadow Boards are completely customisable. The size and orientation of the board, the colours of the background and shadows, your logo and messaging, the utensils and tools you hang on them, and even where on the board they hang, is completely up to you. We’re happy to work with your engineers for special requests to make a shadow board that’s perfect for your requirements.

Plus because they’re made from a board with zero moisture absorption, then coated in an anti-scuff laminate, Fibreclean Shadow Boards are extremely durable and easy to clean.

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* BRC Food Safety Global View 2015c