How to make your filler CIP process easier

October 2020

February 2020

One of our customers who operates a well-known dairy beverage plant now uses Tenax Ultra – a specialist cleaning chemical for cleaning their aseptic filling chamber/equipment.  This is used for aseptic filling of milk products into PET bottles.

Not only did it replace two products with one – an industry standard alkali and acid detergent – it saved significant cleaning time and most importantly, as reported by the operators – “did a far better cleaning job and left the equipment shinier and cleaner than they had ever seen it before”. The machine is over 10 years old and had been cleaned from the start with the common alkali and acid detergents used in these situations.

This points up the all-important factor of dwell time to deliver effective deep-cleaning results every time you clean.  So many quality issues can be traced back to gradual build-ups of residue on process surfaces and process environments.  Once these have become a problem, they must then be fixed by intensive remedial deep cleans.  Save yourself these problems in the first place by performing a deep-clean with Tenax Ultra every time you clean!

Only Tenax technology delivers the economies of buying a concentrated product with the benefit of extended dwell time on surfaces once diluted to ready-to-use strength.

If this has got you thinking there is an application in your process that could benefit from this technology, then give us a few details by filling in the form below, and I’ll get straight back in touch with you.