Having Mould or Mildew issues?

February 2024

What is the best process for getting rid of mould or mildew?


It is best to do a deep clean to remove what you can of the mould spores and stains they leave behind before looking at treatment options.

Our recommendation for the deep clean would be to get access gear for the high walls and ceilings and use a portable foamer with about an 8% solution of a heavy duty cleaner/sanitiser and apply to affected areas and leave for 20 minutes or so. You could agitate any areas required with a stiff brush and then water blast off.

Bear in mind that water blasting will tend to spread spores around so ensure a full clean of the rooms afterwards.

Once surfaces are clean and dry, then there are three things you can do to help keep this at bay:

    1. Use a sanitiser smoke diffusion product, after the rooms are deep cleaned. Make sure it has an MPI C42 approval which means you don’t have to rinse surfaces after use (treat on a weekend and then can open up and process on Monday with surfaces left dry).
    2. Secondly, to help control the mould and any airborne pathogens from recirculating in the room, we recommend utilising a speciality sanitiser product on your freezer/chiller fins and coils, probably best to work in with your refrigeration technicians to apply this. The idea is to to disinfect the suction-side of your air handling units so that pathogens do not get drawn into the inner workings and multiply and spread from there, or down the condensate pipe etc.
    3. Lastly, for areas that don’t get regularly cleaned such as high walls and ceilings, we recommend spraying a solution of Silane – Quat on the affected areas and leaving to dry (is used neat, spray on as fine mist through a ULV fogger or similar). This treats the surfaces with physical anti-microbial action that destroys bacteria that land on it and lasts for a few months or more.


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