Do I need a CoA for my cleaning chemicals?

June 2024

What is a Certificate of Analysis (CoA)?

A CoA is a document most often issued by a quality control department. It serves to confirm with evidence (analysis results) that a product is tested according to certain standards and methods, and that test results are available. It compares the analysis results with pre-established specifications that can be internal, regulatory, and/or negotiated between the issuing company and a buyer.

What is the purpose of a CoA?

The CoA certifies a products compliance in terms of quality, performance and safety. In industries such as ingredients, chemicals and agri-food, CoA’s are usally issued in the context of B2B transactions between sellers and buyers. They complement the technical data sheet.

When do you need a CoA?

When using cleaning chemicals you should have no need of a CoA unless there is direct food contact. Most of the time cleaning and sanitising has no food contact, and there should be a rinse stage if these chemicals are being used on food contact surfaces. Where there is a no rinse classification a CoA may be appropriate.

The Certificate of Analysis is nothing more than the proof of what you specify!

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