Customers swept up by quality dustpan and its colour range

May 2020

For many years a simple cleaning problem has remained unresolved. Well that is until now. The dustpan has been
around for many years but not one that can easily pick up liquid spills and in a range of colours.

Hygiene Technologies took on the challenge of looking for a quality colour coded lobby dustpan and a spill control solution to add to its famed Fibreclean product range, and “we’re thrilled that we’re first to market with two unique products that meet current needs, says Marketing Manager Nathan Senior.

“During our research of the market requirements, it became evident that not only were there no decent quality lobby dustpans on the market in the colours food processors need, there is a requirement for a better method of picking up liquid spills as well.

“Traditionally spills have been picked up using a huge amount of paper towels, gathering up the soggy mess by hand and putting in the bin. This is not only inefficient but is also a potential safety hazard, especially if the spill was caused by a broken glass container.”

The squeegee will clean up 95 percent of the mess easily, and all that’s needed then is to mop up the remaining residue.

The pans are uniquely designed and have a lip that holds liquid in the pan and can hold up to 700ml of liquid without draining back onto the floor.

The lobby dustpan comes complete as a set with the broom and heavy-duty aluminium handles, whereas the hand held pan comes on it’s own with the option of a squeegee or bannister brush to compliment it.

The lobby dustpans and spillpans are readily available in up to six colours (white, blue, red, yellow, green and black) with a further four colours available as an indent order.

The pans have all the hallmarks of the Fibreclean range – they’re durable, strong, colour coded and ergonomically designed.

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