Clean floors – too often underestimated

February 2024

Prevent dirty floors in a simple way. A ProfilGate section in critical passages, such as between the logistics hall and production, will make a signifcant contribution to process reliabilty in your operation

Dirt leads a cosy life in many industrial plants. It can spread unhindered between areas.

Shoe soles and wheels of all kinds help it do so. Dirt, whether dust, tyre wear or metal chips, is more than an aesthetic problem: if it reaches production there is a threat of material and economic losses.

Use the power of ProfilGate cleaning fields to prevent this. With less dirt in circulation your operation will also immediately appear tidier. Moreover cleanliness leaves a better impression on visitors and trading partners.

ProfilGate makes it easy for you: a tray, a grate and a few brush strips work tirelessly day after day without electricity or intervention to ensure that all wheels and food soles leave the field clean.

Keep your factory looking tidy and free from downtime due to dirt with minimal effort

Really want to know how this concept would work in your facility? With a few simple details we can do you up a customised layout for your facility. Fill in the details below and we’ll get in touch.