Better cleaning results for processed food manufacturers

October 2020

February 2020

A couple of years ago we had a call from the Plant Manager of a large, well-known potato chip processing plant.

He reported to us – “This plant is not clean, and it stinks!  It is an old plant but that is no excuse for it not to be clean & hygienic.  Can you please come in and see what you can do?”

The initial visit revealed that the current chemical they were using was not cutting the grease/ oily film and having little effect on the raw potato starch build-up.  Application equipment was poor, the chemical was not clinging to surfaces for long and manual scrubbing by staff was inadequate.

The end result of these factors meant that over time, an unclean and dirty starch odour was now lingering through the factory and the plant was showing signs of slipping from its previous clean standard.

HTL introduced Tenax Ultra, a heavy-duty cleaner along with a Technifomer mobile foamer for quick hassle free application.  The first foam clean quickly dissolved the oily residues – (without scrubbing) – simply by the chemicals unique ability to stick to any surface and allow the chemical energy to break down the soils.  Existing standard foams run off very quickly whereas Tenax Ultra gives a full 15-minute dwell time – the difference was remarkable!  When the chemical is rinsed off with warm water it thins down very quickly, allowing free rinsing to the drains.

The Plant Manager was elated!  Not only was the plant now clean – it smelt clean too and was achieved with less labour.  On top of this, the Tenax suggestion also returned water savings compared to the previous process.

This story proves yet again the vast improvement made by a specialty chemical like Tenax Ultra. If this has got you thinking there is an application in your process that could benefit from this technology, then give us a few details by filling in the form below , and I’ll get straight back in touch with you.