A Golden Solution

May 2020

Golden Fresh, a Hastings based apple processor, didn’t have to look too far when it looked for a cleaning products supplier.

Rowan Cornes of Golden Fresh says the foray into food processing has come with its challenges but the relationship with Hygiene Technologies has kept the bugs at bay.

“We’ve got a good working relationship with Hygiene Technologies and if we have a challenge, they’ll work with us to eliminate it.

“Sometimes they might have the right answer straight away and if they don’t they’ll work hard and keep trying until they do,” says Rowan.

An example is the use of Opal Terminex, which is used as a successful tool to control and prevent persistent pathogens.

Golden Fresh uses Opal Terminex every day as part of its daily sanitation programme and in other areas as a ‘Break the Cycle’ sanitiser step, which is done every two months.

Terminex is put through the tanks and pumps to ensure a zero micro-bacterial count.

A daily set up sanitise is also done using Opal’s Deep Blue, a foam sanitiser, that’s sprayed on weigh heads, conveyors and slicing equipment.

This is applied at the end of the day and washed off in the morning.

Golden Fresh takes comfort that Hygiene Technologies will always work hard to overcome any hygiene challenges.

“We know they’re just a phone call away and they won’t stop in their pursuit of finding the best outcome for us”.

If you think Terminex would be effective at your food processing site,contact us