What’s the most cost effective wiper for my factory?


There are two traditional methods of drying off excess moisture and removing oily deposits from production surfaces, but which one is more cost-effective, disposable or reusable?

There is a wide range of reusable wiping materials, mostly cotton based, that are used, collected, laundered, dried, then reused again and again until they will no longer stand up to the laundry cycle, at which point they’re discarded. The most common type of reusable wiper is the ubiquitous tea-towel, but flannel style face cloths and even the old-style cloth nappies have been used (imagine explaining that one to your overseas customers!). These cotton cloth style products are all woven, so have the disadvantage that fibres can unravel and fray, then be left behind on the surfaces they are drying. Using this style of product has always been thought to be more cost-effective than disposables, but this is questionable if you really dig into what it costs to collect, launder and re-distribute them every day.

Another common practice in the baking industry is to use a lot of paper towels to dry off and clean up benches and food prep surfaces, which costs a lot in terms of paper usage and means there’s a lot of waste to dispose of.

An alternative solution is to use a good quality disposable product, that can easily absorb moisture without breaking up when removing oil deposits. This option becomes viable if all costs associated with laundering a ‘non-disposable’ product is factored in, not just in the cost of chemicals but in the time spent by staff, in collecting, cleaning and returning the reusable wipers. Trials carried out on two export baking sites, proved that this option was more cost effective than traditional methods and delivers big savings if you‘re using paper to wipe down.



Heavy duty roll wipes are called this because they have greater absorbency, greater strength and more bulk – this means they can perform for longer before needing to be disposed of compared to other brands. This is due to having a higher GSM rating and viscose rayon content than found with most alternatives.

Available in four colours (blue, red, yellow and green) to match the colour coding of cleaning tools in your departments.

Ease of use; due to the availability of wall brackets (see picture at right below) and the gap between perforations, a sheet can easily be torn from the roll with minimal effort using only one hand. This feature is widely appreciated by the busy food handler.  All rolls are individually wrapped for hygiene and are certified as HACCP approved – certificate available on request.  A number of our customers who use them extensively have reported to find them superior to other brands used in the past.

We have the option of sourcing these in the flat pack format if required. Please let us know if this option would suit you better.