How do I reduce foreign matter risk from my cleaning tools?


Food manufacturers who require various styles of brushware in their production are understandably concerned about loose bristles ending up in food products. No brushware manufacturer can ever give an absolute guarantee that bristles won’t come out of a brush, but new technology enables food producers to significantly reduce the risk.



Although Fibreclean brushes have a great reputation for quality and bristle retention, due to the high pressure with which the filaments are stapled into the stock with, there is an alternative Fibreclean resin set option on many of our brushes. Resin set brush bodies are specially moulded to form a recess on the side the bristles are held, once bristle clumps have been stapled into the brush stock, food grade resin is flooded into the recess, surrounding all bristles and then left to set.

Fibreclean resin set brushes have bristle tufts that are both stapled in and held with resin – not just held with resin only. With the increased use of new breakage/splitting detection technology, unique to the Fibreclean range, there’s even less risk of foreign matter finding its way into your products than ever before. During production, the tufting force of each tuft is measured and compared to a reference value. If the reading is outside the prescribed limits, the value is logged and displayed in the visualisation. Depending on the setting, the brush is automatically rejected by the machine.

Another major benefit with the resin set brushes is the superior level of hygiene. By sealing around bristles, it substantially reduces opportunities for bacteria to accumulate and penetrate into the tuft hole and ensures daily sanitation practices are effective.

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Bannister Brush

Item code: FB90252-2

Colour: Blue

Resin set, medium, 340x35mm, 50mm bristle length



bannister brush

Bannister Brush

Item code: FB90256-8

Colour: Purple

Resin set, soft/stiff fill, 340x35mm, 50mm bristle length



Churn Brush

Item code: FB90548-2,-8

Colour: Blue, purple

Resin set, stiff, 275x70mm, 40mm bristle length