Industrial Sanitizing with ecological dry steam

Menikini is a global leader in commercial and industrial dry steam machine manufacture. The focus is on high quality and functionality, which equals long life and low maintenance costs for you as the end user. As an example of this, the materials used are usually made of higher grade, more heavy duty materials than necessary.

“Dry” steam so to speak, is very different from your standard factory steam used for heating hot water. It has far less moisture in it meaning it can safely be used on electric motors, heat sensitive surfaces such as plastics and rubbers and does not produce the vapour or condensation of normal steam. The great thing about it is that the dry steam will immediately sanitise, leaving a clean, bacteria free surface that is dry a few seconds after cleaning – no moisture, no chemical residues to clean away – just effective, low cost cleaning using minimal water and caring for the environment.  

The technology is available in both single phase and three phase electric machines constructed in stainless steel to withstand the rigours of the food industry. You can have a hand gun and lance for manual cleaning of hard to reach and detail areas right through to automatic conveyor belt cleaners which save enormous amounts of time and improve cleaning results dramatically. 

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