Parameter Cleaner Sanitiser - 20L/200L/1000L

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PARAMETER is a concentrated, low foaming, broad spectrum chlorinated alkaline liquid detergent. PARAMETER is designed for use in CIP, recirculation cleaning and spray-washing applications of food processing equipment.


• Provides excellent detergency, soil suspension and disinfection properties for CIP applications across all sectors of the food industry.
• Highly effective at protein removal, quickly breaks down and suspends soils.
• Contains wetting agents to reduce surface tension and caustic carry-over.
• Provides broad spectrum biocidal action.


• Active against a wide variety of food soils.
• Hard water tolerant, ensuring scale free equipment and improved efficiency. Free rinsing, saving rinse water.
• Low foaming under high turbulence and in the presence of protein.

Directions for use:

• For the majority of CIP and spray-washing applications, PARAMETER is used at between 0.2 – 1.0% v/v (200ml –1000ml / 100ltrs) in water up to 65 – 75°C. Specific rates and circulation times can be given for your specific application by your Hygiene Technologies representative. All cleaning with PARAMETER should be followed by a potable water rinse before production starts.

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