Scrubber keeps money man happy

Tegel Chicken’s Cody Wetere had some explaining to do when he met up with the company accountant recently.

Cody had purchased a Numatic Floor Scrubber from Hygiene Technologies, a significant capital spend.

However rather than a dressing down for the spend, Cody got a pat on the back for the $17,000 in savings gained in just 16 weeks!

“It’s been a major payback. We’ve saved over $17,000 in water use, chemicals and manual labour since we started using the scrubber,” Cody says.

Those savings are dramatic but Cody’s more pleased with the actual decision to give Hygiene Technologies an opportunity to participate in the project scope and review of the cleaning processes.

“We were having a look around for this type of product and Hygiene Technologies suggested the Numatic scrubber.

“While other companies only wanted to talk over the phone or send a demo, Hygiene Technologies brought a machine to the plant and showed us how it would work,” Cody says.

“The Numatic Floor Scrubber cut the hours down to just 1.75 a week while the quality of the job was far superior, using less water and the floors were dry when finished,” he says.

Another benefit has been the elimination of paying staff overtime as most of the scrubbing work was done at the weekend.

Russell Miller, our Auckland based rep undertook a review of Tegel’s cleaning processes with the aim of making it more efficient.

“The production floors were being scrubbed with deck scrubs and then being hosed down, taking more than 7 hours a week.

We recommended the TTB 4552 model Numatic Floor Scrubber. It’s a battery powered mid-range machine with a unique patented adjustable brush pressure system.

Added to it is a twin motored, twin brush power head which virtually doubles the working weight that is available on the floor surface.

Since the initial purchase Tegel has bought another set of brushes, a squeegee assembly for some outside areas and they’ve purchased the same machine for their site in New Plymouth.

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