After cleaning, apply cow pee and leave for 15 minutes …

It’s doubtful you would hear about this in any other country than one where the cows are considered holy, but in the Rajasthan area of India, they really are looking at replacing hospital disinfectants with cow pee.

And the idea has the full backing of the regional Government in that area, who have asked a committee of doctors to monitor its effectiveness over a 15 day period in the Jaipur Hospital intensive care ward. During this period, no other disinfectant will be used!

If the trial proves successful, the “product” can be licensed for use in other Government owned complexes, hospitals and offices, and even sold in retail. It is hoped that this new initiative could become a new income “stream” for the areas cow minders, and to this end, a cow urine refinery has been opened in Jalore to process it.

Could this be a new technology for use in the NZ food industry? It would definitely be cheap and readily available. Unlike cows farts which are supposed to contribute to Greenhouse gas levels, pee could be put to good use – reuse and recycle!

However, for the cleaners employed at beef slaughter sites, who have just spent the last half an hour rinsing cow pee etc down the drain, it would seem really counter-intuitive to go and spray it back on.

Don’t expect this one to be approved anytime soon…..